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Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Menu


Soup Du Jour – £5.50 (V GF)
Served with a warm bread roll and Homemade Croutons

Chilli and Garlic Mushrooms – £6.25 (V GF)
Mushrooms pan-fried with Garlic and Chillies brought together with thinly diced Onions in a rich White wine creamy sauce. Then topped with a Herb and Chilli crust oven baked and served with Garlic bread

Main Courses

Goats cheese and Chilli Risotto – £10.95 (V GF)
Our Vegetarian taken on the Risotto dish

Mixed Vegetable Stroganoff – £10.95 (V GF)
Mushrooms, mixed Peppers and Onion Stroganoff brought together with a rich Paprika and French Mustard creamy sauce, served with a choice of Basmati Rice or Triple Cooked Chips

Sandwich or Baguette – £8.50 (V)
Cheese and Onion Baguette or Sandwich served with mixed Salad and thick-cut salted Crisps

Mediterranean Salad – £7.90 (V GF)
Mixed salad served with Feta Cheese, Olives and a Balsamic and Herb dressing

Veggie Burger – £8.50 (V)
Spicy Bean, Mozzarella and sweet potato burger, served with Triple Cooked Chips

Vegetarian Lasagne – £9.50 (V)
Served with a mixed salad and a choice of Garlic Bread or Triple Cooked Chips

Tagliatelle – £8.50 (V)
Served in a rich White Wine and Cream sauce with Mushrooms

Goats Cheese Tart – £8.50 (V)
Caramelised Red Onion baked under Goat’s Cheese on top of a Puff-Pastry case in the oven until golden. Served with a Rocket and New Potato Salad glazed with balsamic dressing

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